NFT marketplace ASSETS BEP20 2X token presale to regular token price is accomplished 08.31.2022

ICO ASSETS BEP20 token crowdsale is conducted at regular price since 09.01.2022

Purchase limits

Min: 0.1 BNB | Max: 10 BNB
Purchase amount
ASSETS tokens

✨ $ASSETS on DEX is live now!

$ASSETS BSC contract: 0x35dC2a3aE731ED5689BfF677744593c2B9b7cF77

🥞 PancakeSwap:

🔹 Token: $ASSETS
💰 Initial Price: BNB0.9196
💰 Listing Price: BNB0.9196
📶 Network: BSC

🗓 $ASSETSwill be listed on all major mexchnages

ASSETS is a proof-of-stake chain utilizing NFT Marketplace.

Lottery. The ASSETS token Lottery $105,293 in prizes!
Chance to win a JackPot buy ASSETS token Lottry ticket priced 1BNB to 100BNB!

Create an NFT collection of your own collectibles or allow your users to create and trade NFT items.

NFT Token Marketplace with Royalties. Advanced ERC-721 Marketplace A standard ERC-721 token with buy, sell, auction, royalties and token payments.

ERC-721 is a standard for non-fungible tokens (NFT) or deeds. NFT are useful to represent digital or physical assets that cannot be divided, for example:

Properties (houses, art pieces)

Virtual collectibles (virtual pets, cards)

“Negative value” assets (loans, burdens, and other responsibilities)

But NFT is not only about kitties. There are all kinds of virtual assets. OpenSea, one of the biggest Marketplaces for NFT, has thousands of assets from Virtual Worlds to Football Fantasy Cards.

During late 2020 and 2021 the NFT market has reached incredible levels of monetization in different areas including arts, music, memes, tweets and all kinds of NFT.

One of the most famous ERC-721 token is the CryptoKitties and Beeple.

The most expensive CryptoKitty to date is Dragon, with a price of 600 Ether (USD 232K value at the moment of writing).

One of the most notable ones was the Beeple, Everydays – The First 5000 Days sold at Christies aucthion for more than 69M$

Key NFT market figures
NFTs marketplaces are growing fast these days. Key figures of the NFT markets as per are the cash volume Last 30 days as of November 12,2021 of 1.69bn USD with Number of sales 0.92 million. Extrapolating this to 2022 with moderate market growth of 15% we get 23.32bn USD cash volume and 12.70 million sales.

Purchase amount
ASSETS tokens

ASSETS NFTs ERC-721 market creates NFT collections of your own collectibles and allow your users to create, buy, sell, auction, royalties, and token payments NFT items

Upon successful crowdsale BEP20 ASSETS token will be converted in to tokens in Ethereum network designed scaling protocol for gas-free NFT minting and trading. NFTs are only as valuable as security and popularity of the blockchain they are built on. ASSETS token built to enable ethereum security network wide spread so more people have access to affordable NFTs market.

  • 🖼 Mint, Trade and Earn with NFTs
  • ⚡️ Faster and Gas-free
  • 💰 Earn BNB, ETH, USDT and other

The ASSETS token protocol based on Ethereum 2.0 can handle 100,000 Transactions Per Second speed unparalleled. Backed by standard high Solidity security standards. Non-custodial protocol grants you full control over your NFT assets.

Plagiarism free
The NFT marketplace that enables creators to choose and embed licenses when they mint NFTs. Creators know what they are selling, collectors know what they are buying.

Gas-free NFT
No minting gas fees any more!

Key ASSETS token figures

Token tickerASSETS
Token nameASSETS
Token typeBEP-20
The ICO token decimals number (The decimals field of ICO BEP20 token)18`990`000
The ICO token rate, in BEP20 (The number of tokens per 1 BEP20 , i.e. the token to BEP20 exchange rate)0.9196 BEP
The ICO token rate, in USD (The number of tokens per 1 USD, i.e. the token to USD exchange rate)300 USD
ICO start date (The date when your ICO would start from)04/28/2022
ICO period in days (The number of days your ICO would be opened)120
ICO soft cap, in BEP20 (A soft cap is the amount received at which crowdsale will be considered successful. It is the minimal amount required by your project for success. Expected to refund all money if this cap would not be reached)1`000
ICO hard cap, in BEP20 (A hard cap is defined as the maximum amount a crowdsale will receive. The crowdsale is expected to stop after this cap is reached)8`545
Key ASSETS token figures

Token Economics

Reserve foundation15%
Token Economics

The Reserve Foundation will be decided by the stakers of how it should be distributed into the market and how to utilize it, which will prepare for our semi-governance system.




Q2 2022

Testnet launch

  • Deploying on Ropsten for early users and alpha testing.
  • Successful presale of the ASSETS token ICO at all the publc and closed fundrising platforms

Q3 2022

Launch on mainnet

  • Launching NFT market place to mainnet!
  • Sale of the ASSETS token ICO at all the publc and closed fundrising platforms
  • First invite-only demo of NFT market place

Public launch

Q4 2022

  • Public launch of NFT market place
  • Close of ASSETS token ICO

DAO launch

Q1 2023

  • Launch of the DAO with governance
  • Launch of the mobile apps
  • Launch of assets store including fiat on-ramt
Purchase amount
ASSETS tokens


At, governance will be decentralized. Token holders have voting rights to the network’s development. Voting rights in the DAO will be represented through the ASSETS token, launching together with, in Q2 2023.