Sniping bot monitors any trading signals of the telegram channels and hunts for the tokens that meet config file with Binance, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon blockchain networks. After purchase bot sells the bought token as per config settings at 2x, 5x, 10x…
The bot is crossplatform and works on windows, linux, ios, android.

More then 121 users

128.47 BNB profit made

1000+ daily transactions by bot

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  1. Download the bot by Downloads button
  2. Follow config.jpg file settings from archive of the bot
  3. Add liquidity to your metamask wallet you want to trade with. It can be BNB and WBNB. BNB used to pay the gass fees while WBNB used to buy the tokens. Make sure balance is enough to make purchases. 
  4. You may snipe any token you want changing “symbol”:”BNB” in config file. Make sure you have deposited to your metamask wallet desired token enugh to trade.


  1. Download python Python ( should see Python 3.9.5)
  2. Extract the snipingbot folder
  3. Run CMD : pip install requirements.txt
  4. Check python version : python –version
  5. Run CMD: python main.pyc
  6. Join telegram group


Debian / Ubuntu

  1. sudo
  2. sudo apt install git
  3. sudo apt install python3-pip
  4. sudo pip install web3
  5. sudo pip install telethon
  6. sudo pip install websocket-client
  7. sudo pip install pandas
  8. sudo pip eth_accounts
  9. Alternatively Install all dependency using command below : apt install python3-pip && pip install requirements.txt python main.pyc
  10. Download bot file with curl -0 [URL] or wget [URL]
  11. unzip by unzip
  12. cd filename
  13. python main.pyc
  14. Join telegram group

Fedora Linux / Centos

  1. dnf install git
  2. dnf install python-pip
  3. pip install web3
  4. pip install telethon
  5. pip install websocket-client
  6. pip install pandas
  7. Download bot file with curl [URL] or wget [URL]
  8. unzip by unzip
  9. cd filename
  10. Join telegram group
  11. Alternatively install all dependency using command below: dnf install python3-pip pip install requirements.txt Python main.pyc

Arch Linux

  1. pacman -S git
  2. pacman -S install python3-pip
  3. pip install web3
  4. pip install telethon
  5. pip install websocket-client
  6. pip install pandas
  7. Alternatively nstall all dependency using command below: pacman -S git && pacman -S install python3-pip pip install requirements.txt Python main.pyc
  8. Download bot file with pacman -U [URL] or wget -P [src URL] -i [dst URL]
  9. unzip by unzip
  10. cd filename
  11. Join telegram group


  1. Make sure python 3 is installed
  2. open terminal window
  3. type : python3 –version
  4. if you get an error message and python3 isn’t installed, you need to add it.
  5. go to and install latest version of python for mac
  6. in terminal window one last check to see you have Python 3 installed
  7. type : python3 –version
  8. should see Python 3.9.7 or later showing
  9. install web3
  10. install python-pip
  11. install telethon
  12. install websocket-client
  13. install pandas
  14. open terminal window
  15. type : pip3 install web3
  16. wait while web3 installs NOTE : part way through the install you may be prompted to install xcodeif this happens carry on and install xcode some errors may be now showing in terminal window go back to terminal and type : pip3 install web3
  17. after this (xcode installation) web3 should be good to go Edit config.json recommended opening a fresh metamask wallet for sniper testing
  18. Edit lines 1,2,5,17,18,30,31,32,33,34,35,38,40, of config.json and telegram channels
  19. To get private key from metamask click the 3 dots just under the favicon
  20. Select ‘Account Details
  21. Select ‘Export Private Key’
  22. Add Speedy Node to line 13 “bscNode”: “Enter node URL here”, to get your free speedy node Go to ‘Speedy Nodes’ on the left Choose yellow BSC Network icon on right Click Endpoints Take key from top line and paste in (address must start with wss://)
  23. Run script
  24. Get in terminal window
  25. Join telegram group Make sure you are in the directory of the script before you run it. type : python main.pyc Open finder, then click Applications —> Python 3.7 folder to expand it. There should be a file called ‘Install Certificated.command’, double click the file to run it. It will open another popup terminal window and show below command execution output text. Once it is complete close it and run the bot.


  1. Install Termux
  2. Update
  3. pkg update
  4. pkg upgrade
  5. Install dependency
  6. pkg install git python3 python-pip
  7. Install web3
  8. pip install web3
  9. install telethon
  10. install websocket-client
  11. install pandas
  12. install -U web3
  13. Clone the repo using git
  14. Download bot file with curl [URL] or wget [URL]
  15. unzip by unzip
  16. cd filename
  17. Alternatively Install dependency using python3 python3-pip cd snipingbot pip install requirements.txt
  18. Join telegram group 

Configuration Settings: Kindly Fill the configure.json file according to your settings.

  1. walletPrivateKey: Private Key for account you want to use
  2. exchangeRouterAddress: Pancake Router Address
  3. exchangeFactoryAddress: Pancake Factory Address
  4. bscNodeWebsocket: Your websocket address to node
  5. Api_id: Telegram id
  6. Api_hash: Telegram hash/secret
  7. stopLossMultiplier: if price fall by this factor, token will be sold
  8. autoSellMultiplier: if price increases by this factor, token will sold
  9. autoSellTokenPercentage: if prices increases by autosellmultiplier, this percentage of the token will be sold
  10. snipeAmount: Amount of the token to snipe
  11. Join telegram group

If you like the project support any BSC or ETH networks tokens to 0x9292518b23dC4494e285A3a1e39697e4A4C328D2