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How do i fund my Portfolio ?

As a complete beginner, you should take the following steps to successfully purchase bitcoins and subsequently deposit it into one of your existing investment Portofolios with us.

Create your own wallet
Here are a few examples of places you can create a wallet. There are also tutorial videos to get you started.
Tutorial video(create): 
Your wallet is like your personal bitcoin bank account. Whenever you purchase bitcoins online, it is sent to your wallet address and you can thereafter send from your own wallet into your portfolio. Also, whenever you withdraw funds from portfolio, it is sent to your specified wallet address where you have complete and anonymous control.

Purchase bitcoins online.
Upon creation of your own personal wallet, the next step is to fund your wallet by buying bitcoins online using any/all of the options below.
Each option has varying payment methods(credit/debit cards, bank transfers, POLi, cash, e.t.c)
Here are a few examples with simple to follow tutorial vidoes; : Video: : Video: : Video: : Video: : Video: (AU) : Video: 

Fund your portfolio
First, you click on DEPOSIT and choose how much bitcoin to deposit into your portfolio. Our systems will generate a bitcoin receiving address that is directly linked to your portfolio.
Simply head over to one of your personal wallet and send the applicable amount to the bitcoin address displayed on your checkout screen.
You do not have to deposit all the funds at a go, Let’s say you created a deposit of 0.5 BTC, you can choose to send any fraction of the amount and it will be immediately reflected in your portfolio balance.
Here is an easy video tutorial on sending bitcoin from your own wallet
Tutorial video(send): 
Please note that Bitcoin-Cash(BCH) is different from Bitcoin(BTC). Payments sent from a BCH wallet to a BTC wallet will not reflect and funds will be lost.

How do i withdraw from my Portfolio ?

Withrawing your from your Portfolio is very easy and straight-forward.
First, you click on WITHDRAW and select the portfolio to withdraw funds from.
Next, you provide your destination wallet address or bank account and the amount of bitcoin to withdraw.
That’s it. you should receive your bitcoins in your destination wallet within a few minutes depending on network load or within 3 business days if sent to your bank account.
Funds sent to a bitcoin wallet is completely untraceable and there’s absolutely no way to recall/refund the money. Hence, you must make sure to double-check your recipient wallet.

Can i withdraw before tenure maturity ?

Yes, you can withdraw your bitcoin at any time. However, if you choose to withdraw before the maturity of your portfolio, no interest will be paid on your investments.

When does my tenure count start ?

Your tenure starts counting the moment you make deposits equal or above the initial contract. Whenever your balance falls below the initial contract(As a result of withdrawals) your tenure count will reset and will again start counting from the beginning the moment your balance equals or exceeds the initial contract amount.
Anytime you make portfolio withdrawal/deposit, your tenure count is resetted. This also applies to withdrawals/deposits that doesn’t take your portfolio balance below below initial contract amount.

How much do i earn if deposit is above initial contract ?

If you created a portfolio for say 10 BTC and ended up funding it with 12 BTC, at the end of your chosen tenure, your interest will be calculated with 12 BTC.